#1 Would Like the items coming in via RSS to render like Stockdio attachment. (see Image)

I messed around on a blank page, on this page using the templates, still looks horrid.  (and I tried using a featured image as default image when a post does not have any image, still not working)

  • http://dailywallstreet.com/gutenberg-test/

#2) The ideal both settings type, some feeds hosting on site and some linking to external source.

This function works when using the blog functions of the avada theme, but outside of that, it is not rendering.  (See video below)

The Benzinga feeds, when Internally hosted, tend to render better.  So I was attempting to use those feeds that are “Layout friendly” to my theme to be posted on the site.

#3) Autogenerated categories, I thought I adjusted that, but its still creating categories for posts, and there are allot of unnecessary categories.