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Our goal is to create a community for the well-informed investor.

We have the information you need to make educated trading decisions. We have been watching the market since 1994 and have seen it reach heights and grow at a rate very few anticipated. This market has made many people wealthier. How do these fortunate few reap the rewards available by investing wisely?

Information and knowledge is key to making money in the stock market. We want you to have the same information that is available to Money Managers and Investment Professionals. This, in turn, will help you make sound investments.

Our focus is to pinpoint attractive investment opportunities and alert you of their availability. There is an abundance of financial opportunity on the street and we want our community of subscribers to share in that abundance. We identify and monitor buying and selling opportunities in the Stock Market and notify our investors via email.

We provide you the with free real-time news on all stocks, Free Level II, Free Java Charts and Free Institutional Reports on most NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX companies. Additionally, we provide news on the street including headlines, trading tips, quotes, and where the moving forces in the market are headed.


The stocks, which have yet to hit mainstream, are where profits are truly realized. Our research approach combines a cross section of informed analysis and ultimate clarification of meaningful and crucial information.

Our approach to analyzing the market is to empower the investor by:

  • Finding the most current information
  • Sorting through what is truly vital and
  • Passing it along to our subscribers

The market is a process driven exchange. It is our ability to read the investment opportunities in that process early on, which gives our readers the edge.

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